FAQ: Get Your Own License

Are you a part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Yes, we sure are! Please click here to see our BBB profile.

What kind of license will I get?

You will be getting a Wholesale Dealers License.

Is this an Indiana license?

No, this is not an Indiana Wholesale Dealers License.

What is a wholesale license?

A wholesale dealer’s license is a license granted by the state which allows you to buy and sell cars from dealer-only auctions nationwide, export vehicles, and sell vehicles to other wholesale or retail dealers.

Why do I need my own wholesale license?

Due to the limitations put in place by your state DMV, individuals may only sell between 4-6 cars a year without a dealer’s license. With your very own wholesale license you will be able to purchase cars at the volume that you need from dealer-only auctions, with more potential for earning profit.

How do I obtain my wholesale license?

DLC will swiftly and expeditiously apply for your bond, liability insurance, full criminal background check, establish your LLC with the Secretary of State’s office, and host your very own furnished suite in our state approved site, as well as meet with DMV and other state officials on your behalf, conduct all paperwork and filing procedures for you and mail you all correspondence accordingly.

What is required to obtain my wholesale license?

Depending on the state that you acquire your wholesale license from you will need a criminal and driving background report, copy of Driver’s License and Social Security Card, Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond, state minimum liability insurance, Wholesale Affidavit Form, State required licensing fee, LLC and FEIN number, suite in our state approved host dealer license location, and a Power of Attorney from yourself to DLC so that we may act on your behalf to conduct all transactions necessary to procure the above mentioned items and meet with DMV inspectors on your behalf.

What is included with my wholesale license?

In addition to having your own LLC and wholesale license in your name, you will have nationwide dealer-only auction access, 4 insured dealer plates, a suite at our state approved host facility, and unlimited coaching and mentoring. After maintaining a license in good standing for 6 consecutive months, you may request up to 4 more plates for a total of 8.

Does the wholesale dealer license belong to me?

Yes. After completing the application process and it is approved by the state, the wholesale dealership license is yours along with the LLC that DLC will establish on your behalf.

How do I know that DLC is a legitimate company?

As long as we have been doing business we have worked with countless individuals, managers, dealership owners, and other service professionals nationwide that are willing to provide detailed and accurate references. You may request a list of local references at any time.

May I cancel at any time?

Yes. Simply inform us of your decision to resign and we will issue a letter of termination, report your wholesale license as void to the Secretary of State’s office and Department of Motor Vehicles, and reassign your suite to another potential dealer on our waiting list. If you decide you want to relinquish your license, simply provide us with a 30 day certified and written notice.

Will I have access to DEALER-ONLY auctions?

ABSOLUTELY. You will have nationwide access to dealer-only auctions such as Manheim, ADESA, Brashers, BSC America, COPART, IAA, etc. *some auctions require additional membership fees in which DLC does not profit* If you need help finding and/or signing up for other auctions, contact your dealership manager or the DLC office.

How long will it take to get my wholesale license?

Generally you will be up and running with your very own wholesale dealership within 4-6 weeks upon approval by the state and Department of Motor Vehicles. However, as a courtesy for choosing to obtain your own wholesale license, you will have temporary full auction access in less than 5 business days, through one of our network of locally and state approved dealerships until your application is approved by the state at no additional cost to you.

Will I be able to sell my cars to other dealers?

Yes. You may purchase cars for personal use, exporting, or to sell to other dealers/dealerships.

Will I have to pay sales tax on the vehicles that I purchase?

No, unless they are bought for personal use.

Is there a grace period for paying the monthly rental fee for your suite?

Yes, a 5 day grace period will be extended to you as a courtesy if you are unable to make payment on your monthly due date. After the 5th day of your account being past due, a $75 late fee will be assessed. After 15 consecutive days of non-payment, your license will be reported to the Secretary of State’s office and Department of Motor Vehicles as suspended; in such case the Department of Motor Vehicles will then immediately revoke your Wholesale Dealer’s License. Communication is imperative in working with our company; if you communicate with us, we will work with you.

How do I get started?

Simply complete our wholesale license application and submit to our office. You should have a prompt response and welcome within 48 business hours upon submission.

Do I need to be a resident of the state that I hold my Wholesale Dealer’s License in?

No. Your Wholesale Dealer’s License will be housed in one of our state and DMV approved host locations.

How do I get my mail?

A Site Administrator will be present at all host facilities during business hours, and will collect mail for your suite daily. At no charge to you, the Site Administrator will mail out all of your mail/packages/etc. on a monthly basis. You may elect to have your mail sent out on a weekly or daily basis. If you choose to have your mail sent out weekly or daily, you must provide us with your mailing and delivery preferences as well as your current and valid FEDEX account number. Your account will be billed directly to you upon delivery. If you do not have a FEDEX account you may pay by credit card on an individual basis if you need expedited shipping.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Certified checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, ACH bank drafts, EFT credit/debit drafts.

Additional Questions?

Feel free to contact us at 1-800-595-3194 if you have any additional questions concerning our programs or availability.

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